Cubase 9 Initializing VST 2.x Plugin for 35 mins now...

After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to get a Synthogy plug-in to work, I shut down cubase for about the 5th time and restarted it. the last thing I had done was go to the Plugin Manager to see if Ivory was there. I added a path to the bottom of that screen and then deleted it, realising I had added the path to the sound library instead. The VST path was already there but Ivory was still showing no piano keysets. Incidentally Ivory has always been problematic for me to get working whenever something changes, eg. new pc, new directory.

After that, I could not get Cubase 9 to open. It got stuck forever on VST 2.x plugin, slowly going through what looked like every file on my laptop. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Same thing. I guess I should let it go through everything and see what happens, if it ever gets through them all. Its been 40 mins now, lol

Any ideas?


Could you try to start Cubase in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I attempted to start in safe mode, whether I choose to disable preferences or not but the same thing happens. It appears to be searching through every file in my Programs folder. Someone last night suggested that I temporarily remove the VSTPlugmanager.dll from Steinberg Components, and when I do that, Cubase has no trouble opening.

So I assume there is a path that needs to be fixed and then once I fix that, I can just put that .dll file back where it came from. But where do I change the path? I went to Plugin Manager and added it to the bottom section in VST instruments (where there were previously about 4 paths and now there are none), and attempted to rescan. I got a message saying the application needs to be restarted for this change to take place so I restarted Cubase and that path wasn’t listed. This area was empty again.

So now I don;t know how to tell Cubase the correct path.


I think you did it right. It is in the Plug-in Manager. Here you can add a path(s) where should Cubase scan for a plug-in(s). After you add a new path, you can directly rescan from the Plug-in Manager window.

Make sure Cubase doesn’t crash while quit (the the new path wouldn’t be stored into the preferences).