cubase 9 install has screwed up cubase 7.5

I need to know the best way to restore the Halion Sonic SE component of the 7.5 installation. Any ideas?


Is the plugin completely missing or are you getting content errors?

content errors - I tend to use this for a better sounding click, so every existing project I open (whether with 7.5 or 9) forces me to click through about 20 of these errors. I downloaded the Pro 9 install file twice to try and fix this.

Can you PM a couple screenshots of the errors and then I can send you specific instructions to take care of the issue.

There are a lot more, but uploading these is a bit tiresome. Hopefully this will be enough.

Is this content opening fine in Cubase 9? Are you only getting these error messages in 7.5?

Error messages are in both.

This would require reinstalling. I sent you an email regarding scheduling a time to speak with you about this issue.

Thank you

So, weeks later, no help from Steinberg. Which is really no surprise. The product specialist above sent an email, but never followed up to the last 3 emails I sent in response.

I guess after having downloaded the install file twice and installing Pro 9 twice i’m supposed to go through the laborious tech support form and wait until another product specialist deigns to contact me about the matter.

Of course I could also uninstall everything and reinstall 7, then 7.5 then 9, but that would be quite time consuming, and I am not sure why the result would be any different.

Are the missing files on your system? If yes, doesn’t locate fix the issue? If no they are easy to extract from the full installer. The C9 installer is in fact a packed file, rightclicking on it gives the option to extract with for example winrar. Once extracted you can navigate to the folder with the missing files put them anywhere you want, or use the installer in that folder (so for example the halionse content installer , not the cubase installer).
Hope this helps!

I have tried reinstalling pro 9 in it’s entirety as well as just the Halion Sonic SE, to know avail, but I haven’t tried it using your approach. Thanks for the help!