Cubase 9 integration with Softube's Console1 [Request Fulfilled]

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Been asking this for a moment for Cubase 8…

See here:

I wish it would have been available on Cubase 9. I would have bought it for sure.
I’ll wait then.



Indeed. Would be very nice to see some progress on this.

Yeah, hopefully it’s high up in the todo list! At least it would be nice to see Steinberg comment if they are on it or not?

  • 1 to wishing, wanting [demanding?] improved Softube Console 1 integration with Cubase 8.5/ 9.++
    I’ve purchased/ downloaded C9 Pro update but will wait before installing…


Console 1 now comes with UAD support and a dramatically reduced priced.

Steinberg people: a LOT of people are now going to buy this slick piece of gear. It would make a ton of sense for you to open Cubase and Nuendo for integration that allows track follow!

Side note:
your friends ( :wink: ) making Studio One have done it already…


p.s is already a thread about this from a couple of months before

please anyone +1 and bump that too

Well, that one is locked. So let’s all bump here :slight_smile:

ah! i didn’t realise it was locked

just tested this out for myself using a demo of studio one this evening, and it is mind mindbogglingly good! :astonished:
select a track on either the hardware or the mixer… follows…
pan on either, they follow
change a level on either, they follow!

Its odd how cubase was one of the first to support the basic integration (auto track naming) but yet one of the last to not have full integration.
I wish now I would of saved my money on the 8.5 - 9 upgrade, and cross-graded to studio one.
i also like in thh s1 mixer how it shows gain reduction in the level meters… nice touch! wish cubase had that (im sure there is a feature request already)

Im gonna give steinberg until 9.5 if its not coming/announced by then, I doubt very much ill be buying that upgrade.

Steinberg should open up the SDK for remote controllers so that any vendor or community could do integration
on any device. (And stenberg should host a server for community drivers.) Now you need to sign a NDA
to access this functions so there will never be a community “help your self” solution for all the nice hardware
that does not really work well with steinberg software. This obviously not good for steinberg but i think yamaha
prefer less competition.






I think all DAWs should have some kind of interface allowing for hardware controllers, including iPads etc., to get information from and send control messages to the DAW. It currently works with MCU, but should be also be able a to handle broader selection of devices.

+1 ( … and when they lock this thread, +1 on the next thread!)

I really, really love Cubase … but I’m stopping at 8.5 for now, sampler be damned. If this integration doesn’t come along within the next 6 months or so, I’m definitely jumping to Studio One, Presonus Faderport Eight and Console 1 MKII for all my UAD plugins.

You know these threads are reviewed and it kills me that we can’t get a “we are considering this for future development:” or, “we have no plans to implement this at present;” or, “this is already on our development/ upgrade priority.”