Cubase 9 is a buggy hell on Windows 7 - List

I’m considering using 6.5 again, since these things add up over time. Here’s what I got…

1 - File menu - Every now and then it doesn’t work, I’d say 1 out of 8 times. Nothing happens when I click ‘File’ at the top left. I have to restart the program when this happens.

2 -Track notepad - If I try clicking off of the notepad when done using it my cursor disappears and I’m unable to click anywhere. I found the only solution is to press the Esc key

3 - Track (or audio?) lanes - let’s say I have 3 recorded bits of audio in a track - using 3 audio lanes. The only audio that plays is the last one (the very bottom one) no matter what I mute or unmute. If I have a muted track below an unmuted, it still won’t play the unmuted track. I have to drag the unmuted track below the muted to hear it.

4 - disabling/enabling audio inserts - doesn’t always work when I click the on/off button. Sometimes I have to click the button several times in the same spot to enable/disable.

5 - Cubase doesn’t maximize (or bring to front) when bottom icon is clicked - If I have Cubase open, then minimize the program to work in another program, when I click the Cubase icon down below to bring it to the front, nothing happens at first. I have to click the icon 3 to 4 times to get it to show.

6 - Chunky zooming - pinching and zooming the timeline w/the cursor feels chunky and slow. It’s not smooth like in Cubase 6.5

7 - Constant errors when closing projects - I’d say about 1 out of 5 times I get an error after closing a Cubase project and I have to restart the program, even if the project was created in Cubase 9.

These are all issues that were non-existent for me in Cubase 6.5


Also worth noting - the Arrange view vertical scrollbar - It’s really slim, very small. I don’t know if this is new to Cubase 9 or if it was changed in 8 or 7…but that thing is awkwardly tiny

The whole interface is choppy, not smooth. And everything takes longer - Loading projects, closing projects, opening vsts, deactivating vts, showing/hiding windows… It feels more like work.