Cubase 9 is the buggiest version of Cubase I have ever used

Yeah yeah, everyone says that the most recent version is the buggiest. I roll my eyes at people who say that all the time. 8.5 was great for me, 8 was awesome, 7.5 was pretty good, 7 was okay.

But good lord, people. Come on. Test your damn software before releasing it. A short list of the bugs I’m dealing with:

-Selecting a track arms it for recording about half the time, even though my preferences have it selected to do it 100% of the time.
-Selecting a new track keeps the old track armed for recording, also about half the time.
-The oft-mentioned OS X GUI issues. I have a beast of a Mac Pro and Cubase is SO laggy.
-After working, then closing a session or the app and then opening a new session, Cubase crashes every time I try to open the new one, usually requiring a restart.
-After working for a while, audio levels become increasingly “choppy,” as if my master output has a compressor with the wrong settings. I’ve confirmed this isn’t an audio interface issue. Again, this requires a restart.
-aaaaannnnd more.

I’m still on 9.0.1, and after reading the multitude of new issues everyone is experiencing with 9.0.2, I absolutely will not be updating.

Steinberg, I love you guys, I really do. The new features are great. But please, for the love of god, THOROUGHLY TEST YOUR SOFTWARE BEFORE RELEASING IT.

To be fair, some of your issues sound like pref and setup problems.

I don’t have any of those issues, mind you I’m on PC. Cubase (9.0.20) running very smoothly here…

I have some issues, but none of the ones you mentioned.

The stone in my shoe is the enharmonics issue and some visibility issues.

You might want to reset the preferences and have the program refreshed. Have you tried that yet? I’ve found that resetting the program often corrects errors that crop up from time to time. Good luck.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing these issues – what a drag.

I’m also on a beast of a Mac and am only experiencing the awful GUI issue from all of the issues that you mentioned. I would look into trying the preferences thing or other suggestions as they may come up, maybe they’ll help?

I will say that the GUI issue is keeping me completely on Pro Tools with all new jobs/sessions until it’s fixed – I simply can’t work with it as it kills my normally fast workflow.

too many issues with 9. the update is unusable … annoying because i realy like the new layout . can someone tell me how to roll back to 9 before the update. it was a bit buggy but useable

…depends if you’re on PC orMac. On Windows just uninstall the latest update though the Windows Control panel.

Have you installed the latest update?

im on mac
i have installed the latest update… unfortunately

Two words… Studio One 3.5.
Sorry Steinberg. I’ve been with you a long time and was forced to Logic X because of the poor Mac GUI perfomance and now I’m completely impressed with Studio One.
Why do you release such buggy software and why take so long to fix it…and then charge us for the fixes in the next version?
Not digging this merry go round.

Alas, this. 100%.

I’ve been demoing S1 3.X for about 3 weeks now, the thing never crashed on me ONCE. No matter what I’ve thrown at it. Opens faster than Cubase, shuts down faster than Cubase, exports faster than Cubase. More reactive to operations. Doesn’t hiccup the ongoing audio when I add an instrument or effect. You get the picture…

Oh, and NO SPIKES. Not once. No need for hack files to be placed in a folder, or stupid bios hacks.

The 3.5 update to S1 is very impressive as well. Mixer undo, dropout gizmo, new convincing plugins, etc.

Cubase took a mighty nosedive with 9.X

I’m jumping ship until Steinberg get their act together.

I hear that. The new update has finally got the cpu performance where it should be. Been quite happy while learning it’s ins and outs over the past several months.

When I first loaded 9.02 on my PC I couldn’t even reliably get it to open. I updated eLicencer, trashed preferences, and now (admittedly without extensive use) it seems sharp, responsive and with a lower power meter.

On my Macbook Pro (again admittedly without extensive use) it has always seemed solid and responsive.


I just finished another big project on my 2013 MB Pro; albeit most of the 100+ VI’s are loaded on a Windows slave (VEPro 6), but not a single crash. I can honestly attest the latest C9 has been good to me. I don’t record audio, so maybe that’s where the issues are?

I’m getting a few crashes of VEP6 in Win10 but no loss of projects (just close VEP6).

Strange issues, Cubase 9.020 is working rock solid here.

Most solid version of Cubase yet, in the hundreds of hours I have used cubase9 not even a hiccup.
Well ok one time using the mediabay to preview different patches of different vsti it froze.
This version 9 is the most solid,bug free version of Cubase I have used since Cubase sx3

On Windows 10 I do get occasional UI issue relating to tools not being properly defined, in that it is also happening across applications.

Basically hit and run. Well, I hope venting helped you psychologically.