Cubase 9 Key Commands

I cannot seem to find a way to port over my Key Commands from 8.5. The Application Data folder for 8.5 has a Key Commands folder. I tried copying and pasting it in 9 but none of my previous Key Commands are working. What am I missing here

Directly moving things from disk might be risky.

There are save and load options of sets you do - do they transfer between v8 and v9?

That is my question. They have always been recognized with each version as far back as 5 I believe. My preferences as far as the desktop and mixer colors didn’t correspond as well. I have remedied that but I hate to go through all the key commands I have set up previously

It looks like your newer install didn’t read the older prefs, for whatever reason. So, open 8.5, and save a preset of your Key Commands.

Then, go to %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5_64\Presets\KeyCommands
and copy that preset file to
%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets\KeyCommands\

Now it should appear in the drop down in Cubase 9.

That’s exactly what I did but when I open the Ke Commands dialogue box in the menu none of my command are there

Sorry, you must be doing something different. I just double-checked and it works as I described.

I noticed there was no Key Commands folder in the C9 AppData folder initially. There is a way under Key Commands dialogue to import a key file but I found nothing with yah extension upon searching

There is, but you have to use the right file path.

I had to go to C drive, Users, and then double click on my folder, then click hidden items in ;view’, then go to App Data, Roaming, Steinberg, Cubase, presets, keycommands and put the file there