Cubase 9 LE AI 9 upgrade? price? o Elements? available? at $80NZD? or $164NZD

Cubase upgrade from Cubase 9 EL AI (was wanting to upgrade to Elements had planned on the $80 NZD to do this for a long while now) but now it’s $164 (what)(why?)

Cubase upgrade from Cubase 9 EL AI (was wanting to upgrade to Elements had planned on the $80 NZD to do this for a long while now, but have been holding off to XMAS (as a present to myself etc), is it possible still, does not seem so. Tell me please, are there other options, or is it the spend more money and no specials available, nor “upgrade options”, because when I used to select the ‘buy now’ tag it would provide me an option stating buy the whole Cubase Elements and the price was significantly more than an upgrade, but the upgrade being $80 was nice for me to plan to (so I could mainly get my 4 extra FX tracks I have been wanting) However, this seems like potentially a no go for me now, of course would be no sweat it money is not really an issue for upper middle class, but that currently I am not. So please tell me, is there anything I can do to get that upgrade or am I to sit deliberating on how nice it may be to get the Cubase 11 Elements version at $164 where that will (most likely) but (maybe subsequent to change, but based on historical behavior and likely feeling) I may not do it all together. Sorry but that’s the truth, I really wanted the cubase elements at $80 NZD and am a bit gob smacked (or a little bit of a shock …to put it a bit more politely) because I was not expecting this price difference when I finally relaunched my application after not using for a wee while.
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Adrian (and look forward to your response), and have a happy xmas too guys and gals.
O P.S While I am at it, a reflective thought, that poop with all the privacy details to select on and off, is a bit annoying, if your going to sell our data, just do it, we all know our data is often being harvested anyway, so what is happening is two things, 1. the time spent deciding on what level of permissions is being an arduously repetitive one , and in some cases resulting in a lack of ability to even watch basic videos that don’t play/ Bottom line the sense of protection for privacy is having a time consuming affect unless the use just accepts all, perhaps that’s the intended reasons so that in line with partnerships between cubase and other affiliates (I don’t know, like amazon ) and the whole other list of affiliate third parties you specified end up getting what they want in the end. Where is this world going to. Technology in the face (like an obstacle to productivity, and often as many say obstacle to creativity). I know this is true, but I also desire the passion to be in the moment of learning new things, altering the design, the layout, adding another hundred different settings names and variable to account for my adjustments as I experiment. It’s all in the name of the game, but really we/us humans need to be able to get past this silly politically correct and digital age of control and manipulation (ay). Cheers. Hope you can perhaps also lead me into a direction that can avoid having to continuously have to deal with the privacy settings each time even though when I do it says at the bottom, save settings, well obviously it is not doing a good job of remembering the saved settings, or otherwise it is loading it for every tab clicked. To add, there is a possibility that there may be a cookie, password history, remember word-form setting I may need to change in Mozilla web browser, so likely that may being the case discard any advice to avoid the pain of having to go through a third party agreement each time I click a tab to learn about things on your website. Cheers, and have a good XMAS, or new year, or hope you enjoyed them both if read post event/s. Once again, Kind Regards,

Because in between time a new version came out.

Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply, sorry I did not reply straight back, it’s sometimes a not so good trait of mine. I wanted you to know I can still get it for the price I was hoping, it’s just at the time I was not seeing it properly with the option for upgrade bringing it down from $164 to $82 rather than the full only option (which I cannot still understand how I did not see that after all my navigation’s to inspect the price to buy it??my bad eye sight or something (haha). anyway the fact it is there is …great news for me. On another note, although I have about 64 GB free on my main C:// and about 1.5 TB free on my secondary hard drive (which I actually use for all my project files I was having one last thought about hoping that any upgrade to Elements will not have any unsuspected impacts on the functional optimal operation of running smoothly. Is there any more advice or anyone else who would like to add anything important about how to ensure when doing an upgrade it will preserve optimal operation, or other steps that can improvie it. As I can see, there are always posts about this and that with regards to issues with cubase and I know it is not necessarily always Cubase’s problem most of the time it will be the set up of the computers people personally are using that will impact on the smooth working. So with that in mind…I will look forward to some additional vst for use with my midi keyboard for instrument sounds (any recommendations of preferred one’s you/others may have or use? Cheers. All the best guys, hopefully this new year and rest of year is not too much of a drag, I now it can be with all this %**$$$ going on and media (news) %&#* etc but stay strong.
Regards AJ