Cubase 9 & Line6 Toneport - VST Amps

Hi guys,

I recently acquired Cubase 9, and am entering the world of home recording etc.

I was using Pod farm 2 for the guitar tones, i then realised i could use VST Amprack instead, as it came free with my program.

I figured out how to get the Pod farm to work whilst recording etc, but i can’t get it to work with the VST plugins.

I know I’m a rookie etc, but any guidance will be helpful.


If you are able to record the output of the pod farm you are almost there already.
What you need to do is insert the VST amp rack in an insert slot of the audio track you’re recording your guitar to in Cubase. You can find the insert slots in the mix console or in the track inspector. Select an empty slot, and pick distortion->VST Amp Rack. From there you should be able to try all the presets and/or make your own combination of amp, cab, mic and pedals.

Now you don’t want to use both the pod farm AND the VST amp rack I think, as you’ll get double the amp and cab simulation. Does the pod farm have an option to pass the clean signal on to the PC?

All done! Thanks dude!

Glad to hear, enjoy!