Cubase 9 lower MixConsole

Please allow the inserts, sends, routing options etc. to be visible in the lower zone mix console without having to click an extra button to see them!! why on earth would steinberg do that!!! :confused:

The lower zone should be a fully functioning version of the mixer docked in the lower zone. We already have the ability to hide/show based on Configurations and Racks so why not allow people to use that instead of dictating what’s shown or not?

Yes, such a waste of space with the lower zone mixer. Isnt it enough with one mixer configured the way you like? Or an option could be to have different mixer presets configurations if you like to switch between different mixer layouts. But keep the mixer at the same location.

+1 lower zone mixer was the biggest upgrade reason for me, but I don’t use it at all for that reason.

+1 fully configurable lower zone mixer

  • optional fully configurable RIGHT zone mixer (for big UHD screens)

This should be implemented on the next update, possible Cubase 9.0.5… I would like also to see a full channel color mix console option implemented…

The only thing missing is Routing, and, perhaps, inclusion of some of the other racks in the lower zone. Inserts and Sends are available already in the lower zone, so is Q Link and some other functions.

+1 !!!

This is bugging me… Why is there not a fully functioning mix console? I’m just using wok-spaces instead and that is not why Steinberg implemented the lower zonde