Cubase 9 (Mac)Super Slow after opening a Nuendo 6.5 (Windows) project.

Hello People,

I’ve got this weird problem, Last weekend i’ve recorded 11 full band songs in a studio that runs Nuendo 6,5 ( Windows) I took the session home on my external Harddrive and opened the session on my Imac cubase 9 in my home studio. The tracks play but the project is so slow.
I thought that something was wrong with my cubase installation on my Imac. Funny was i couldn’t find any of my keypresets.xml and my other preset.xml. So i took my Macbookpro and try’d the session on that machine and it worked just fine.

So i reinstalled Cubase on my Imac and thought that would help but with no result. still the project is leggy as hell. zoom in and out stayed 2 seconds before it responds.

After that I thought lets try the Migration assistend and lets put the hole Macbookpro system on the Imac (because the Macbook pro works fine)
But still there is no result. it keeps being slow and that’s absolutely not workable.

But, When I start a complete new project on my Imac everything works like it should. So i almost would say it’s something in the Nuendo project that is upsetting my system.

I also installed Cubase 8.5 and it’s still slow.

Does anybody have an idea what is going on and how to fix it?

I could mix the record on my Macbookpro but that is not were i bought my Imac for.

Thanks for your reading this!


Could you try in Safe Start Mode, please?