Cubase 9 MCU Pro how to control efx

Hi, Long time cubase user with no time to use it… I know some of us have that problem… My question is how could i program or is there a template to setup where i can edit my efx’s through my control sufaces? i have the Mackie MCU Pro with 2 extenders… they work great but would love to lose the mouse clicking as much as possible…

Cubase 9 64bit
32gigs of ram
Windows 10 i5 intel


On your MCU, Select the track, you where the Insert plug-in is. Press the PLUG-IN button from the VPOT ASSIGN area on MCU. By the 1st V-Pot, you can select the Insert slot 1-8. Use CHANNL > button from the FADER BANKS area to list thru pages. On the 2nd and other pages, you can see the plug-in parameters. Use V-Pots to set the values.

Thanks for getting back to me… On my MCU Pro do you mean press down on my V pot to enable the settings


No, you don’t need to press V-Pot. What exactly do you want to do? Control plug-in parameters? Or insert a plug-in to the slot? Or enable/disable (bypass) plug-in…?

What I described is how to control the plug-ins parameters.

There are clips on youtube describing the technique, some Cubase specific!

I would like to control and insert… do as much with the xontroller and less with the mouse

On mine I usally just flip the faders to edit on faders


To Insert a plug-in:

  • Select the track
  • Press PLUG-IN button
  • “IFX 1 No Effect” is displayed.
  • If you want to switch to different slot, use V-Pot 1 to select the slot.
  • Use V-Pot 3 to go thru the plug-in list.

Plug-in is applied.

Gonma try this friday night thank u

If u shift click on the sends u can control each send on all the tracks ,like send 1 on all tracks ,then flip the faders and send 1 is on faders and so on