Cubase 9 Media Bay

Hi Folks, I don’t seem to be able to preview loops in Media Bay. The transport line moves through the sample but there is no sound. The preview volume slider is up. Once I have dragged the loop into the track it plays fine :unamused:

F4->Control Room Tab, configure the output

Thanks JM, I just disabled the control room for now which did the trick! :slight_smile:

The control room is one of the greatest differentiator features in Cubase. It can be a bit confusing at first because of how you set it up with your interface, but you should really investigate it. It really is a game changer. I highly recommend you mess about with it.

Can you tell me it’s advantages? I consider myself as a pro user but I’ve never felt any need in this feature. I thought it’s a studio guy’s feature to let musicians sing and listen at once. Am I right?

No, it is much more than that. For example you can switch between speaker configurations. You can DIM the volume, plus have a reference volume. You can do a mono check. You can put a bunch of analysis plugs here. Of course the headphone feeds are good too :smiley:

The main thing I use it for is the reference level. I can mix to max levels to whatever reference i.e. LUFS but have the actual level be 78db in my case. That way I don’t ware out my ears mixing. Since this doesn’t affect the master buss. Then I can easily click a button and be at actual reference level based on whatever metric you are trying to achieve for very short durations.

Hmmm, interesting approach =)
For the good reference practice I don’t put plugins on master bus, instead everything goes through pre master group channel. In this way I can compare my current mix with the reference in one click.

I need check it put, dat control room feature. Thanks.

If you use cue sends you can put effects on the master buss and monitor against a reference track in one click.

Route your reference tracks to no output and then for each ref track use a different cuesend.

You’ll be able to switch between your mix and the reference tracks using the control room.