Cubase 9 - MediaBay problem...

Hello. I’m a novice Cubase 9 Pro user. and I found something strange yesterday.

When I go through several menus, Mediabay -> Loops & Samples -> AM Signature Drums… and click any sample sound(for example, 8BT_1_Clap1, ABT_1_Clap1, etc) then it sounds well.

But when I click a MIDI groove(for example, 8 Bit Kit 1 AM Beat 1, Ambient Kit 1 AM Beat 1, etc). NO sound at all.

It seems that all MIDI grooves in the other menus except ‘AM Signature Drums’ works well. The only MIDI grooves in ‘AM Signature Drums’ doesn’t work.

I have checked all the items shown in the Cubase 9 Pro installation process. and updated to version.

I don’t know why this problem happend. Is there anyone who have the same problem? I wonder if this only happens to me. :open_mouth:

I need advices~~~

I also have problem with mediabay. I have no sound at all. PLease help!!!