CUBASE 9- My Steinberg

when i bought the upgrade i got links to download cubase .
why its not showes in my dowload section?


The link will be present in your MySteinberg > Downloads, once you activate your Cubase.

Actually it is not true. I activated cubase 9, downloaded license to my Elicenser but when i registered it at MySteinber it says that there is no license on that elicenser. Tried maintenance and remove-add usb like 10 times and it is still the same. Now I would not worry if i am able to download pro 9 iso but i am not because of the problem i have.

Is the USB-eLicenser present in the MySteinberg account, you are logged-in?

I have a similar issue. it activates on USB, but doesnt register(even though it says its registered), so there is no access to the full installer. It only shows 8.5


I called Steinberg support and they are aware of the issue and if you get in touche and verify your details they will email you installer.

Yes, we have to sort an issue that was caused by the huge demand over the last almost 24 hours. The licenses shown in the eLicenser Control Center should soon be in sync with MySteinberg again.

Great thanks for the info Ed.


Hi Ed,

I am facing exactly the same issue. my download link from shop timedout and i do not have link to download. my usb shows cubase artist 9 but steinberg account shows 8.5.
could you send me installer link.

thanks in advance

I have provided a download link for you via PM

Thanks Ed.