Cubase 9 never finishes the initialization procedure

A little week ago I installed Helix Native v1.01 in order to try this guitar modelling software out in Cubase . When Cubase was started up a message popped up that my eLicenser was corrupted. I tried to perform the Online Synchronization & Maintenance task, but step 6 (Sending eLicenser Information) did not succeed. I did this several times with the same result. A hint message popped up that I should run the eLicenser as an Administrator. I followed the advice and started the eLicenser with ‘run as an administrator’ and all tasks were performed well. I then started Cubase and then another problem popped up. In the very beginning of the initialization process Cubase started some installation procedure of ??? - anyway a message popped up saying windows installer is preparing an installation. And then nothing happens ??? - Cubase never finishes the initialization procedure???
Having made a recovery point I then rolled the installation back to the previous state of windows system - unfortunately with no succes. Cubase still starts up some installation procedure, hangs and cannot finish the initialization procedure. VERY ANNOYING!!!
I have made a support request to Steinberg support team, but haven’t got any feedback. VERY ANNOYING!!!

Can you rename all of your VST plugin directories, and boot Cubase up? If it boots fine, then its a plugin issue. The only way to find out which one is to add them one by one (or 5 at a time etc) until Cubase starts crashing again.

I have the same issue of Cubase launching an installation which then hangs. This appeared after the major update to Windows 10, and in my case I can’t see that’s it’s related to plugins. I do agree, however, that it’s incredibly frustrating…

Problem/Issue solved!
In my case I use the Steinberg hardware UR242 USB audio interface and with the latest driver update an error has been introduced that stops the initialization procedure.
The solution is to remove the new driver 1.9.10 and install driver - see link below / UR242