Cubase 9 not a happy bunny :(

Hi guys, I’ve finally made the move to 9 from 8.5 and It’s not all going well unfortunately.

Everything runs smoothly, then about 20 - 30 mins into a session things stop working. First, I notice I can’t change the outputs of channels, also I can’t add vsts. This has just happened with a new project so ruled out the max vst rule. I can still edit existing vsts, but just can’t add new ones- that’s the biggest problem.

I have a feeling its’ the new sentinel thing with some of my external plugins. Everything now should be 64bit, I’m running J-Bridge though still (perhaps this is conflicting?) - Is it possible to turn off J-Bridge without uninstalling it?


Hi there bunny, wouldn’t you have updated to 9.5 if you did it sometime around November?

It’s strange that it works that badly for you, have you tried a complete reinstallation?

I’ve just reinstalled Windows 10 and Cubase 9 and all was running smoothly until just now and… SAME PROBLEM - freezing mid project, not allowing me to add new plugins, change outputs.

All plugins are now legit as well, so no rogue 3rd party plugins are suspect.

Please, please someone help me figure this out.

I see you are using an UAD PCIe device. Is this an UAD-2? If not, I seem to remember that there where some problems with UAD-1 and Windows 10. Are all UAD plugins 64 bit? If (also) not, and you are you using Jbridge for them, it could be the core of the problems.

Hi mate, the PCIe card is UAD2 yes. All the plugins are 64 bit and no J-bridge with this install as I thought that was the problem before.

If you recently bought Cubase 9 then you should be able to get the free grace period update for 9.5 If so I would try to install 9.5 as that may just fix your issue.

Sounds like