Cubase 9 On Mac

I downloaded the new version of Cubase and I’m testing on my Mac Pro (Early 2008) with the former, as is well known, there were a lot of graphics problems, slowness of In & Out etc etc. I have to say, after some tests, that certainly the relative slowness in general to graphics have been improved especially when they widen the tracks or resizing windows.

But for me the Zoom (In & Out) is not completely fluid is always a little slow especially when increasing the audio tracks.

So, now I can work, but the Steinberg should make an extra effort to Mac users.

Very welcome the introduction of the “Sample Track”, really useful. But for me, that I have a Mac, 99.99 Euro are a bit too much, figuring that I gave to May 50 euros for Cabase 8.5 that I never used.

Ultimately for all Mac users, you can do the upgrade, because the software is more fluid, but do not expect miracles.

to zoom just;

  • ctrl + scroll up/down (2 finger swipe on trackpad)
  • shift + g
  • shift + h