Cubase 9 on two computers with dongle

Hi hope somebody can help

I have Cubase 9 installed on my iMac, but I’m going to travel and would like Cubase installed on my macbookpro, maybe in a lighter version so it doesn’t take up som much space. But how do I get the program, copy it from my iMac or download it again or what?

Download it.

but where can I download it? I can only see I can buy it or update on Steinberg website?

Go to your MySteinberg account and there’ll either be a download link or one for the Steinberg Download manager.

Also note that although Cubase Elements will run on the pro license, if space is a problem you will be better off installing Pro but choosing not to install the content which is 80% of the install size…the audio files and sample libraries.
Of course if your projects contain lots of Halion or Groove Agent or Sampletrack stuff they won’t run without the content.

How do I get additional code for Cubase Elements 9 for my other computer.