Cubase 9 on Win10. Audio Issues

Hello all,

I have a technical question about Cubase 9. During playback at some point the volume goes up and down or there is a sudden interruption. It had never happened to me before.

I switched from an old FX8320 (with windows 7) to a Ryzen 7 2700x (now installed windows 10). With the old one i did not have problems like this. I use a lot of virtual instruments, kontakt, omnisphere. I also tried to increase the buffer size of my sound card with no result.

Another thing: the cpu monitoring inside cubase see a cpu peak while i use Microsoft edge (may sound useless but i wanted to let you know all).
I don’t really know where is the problem and i can’t understand why i have these issues with a new cpu.

Thank you all for your help! I’ll give you more info if needed.