Cubase 9 outperforms Cubase 10 @ low buffer size?

I just upgraded from Cubase 9 to 10. Unfortunately, Cubase 10 performs much worse at low buffer sizes.

In C9, I could set my sound card at 128 samples and record 10-20 tracks, several VSTi’s and plug-ins before encountering any pops and clicks. When I open the same projects in C10, I get no output at all. I need to increase all the way to 512 or higher, in order to get any sound coming through. All settings from my C9 setup has been transferred to C10.

I have never had this issue with any other versions of Cubase (starting from SX3). You could always push the system - it never muted.

My setup is a Win 7 PC (don’t remember the exact specs, but it’s an i5 Intel with a quad processor and 16 GB RAM). Sound card is an RME Multiface MKII PCIe with break-out box.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


Interesting. Is there a recommended setting for C10.x?