Cubase 9 & powercore

Just updated to cubase 9 and I realized 32bit plugins are not anymore supported… :astonished: But I use a powercore firewire and I like it very much. But the powercore plugins are 32bit. So they disapeared from cubase 9 ! :unamused:
I really believe this is again a totally stupid decision from Steinberg ! I’m certainly not the only one to use hardware like powercore, only on 32bit, what Mr Steinberg does imagine ? We are going to throw those devices away ?

What could be the best solution to continue to use those 32bit plugins ? Jbridge ? Something else ? A solution with vienna ensemble pro (which I already have to use with one other pc) ?

Thanks for any advice…!

The PoCo plugins should work fine with the latest JBridge. That was what I used when I had a PowerCore in my system. Anyway, a separate computer running Windows 7 and Vienna Ensemble Pro would be, in my opinion, a more future-proof solution, as the PowerCore drivers for Windows 10 are in beta and not fully developed anymore.

I’m making some test with the jbridge demo… Do you know he difference between the demo and the non demo ?

Anyway… I’m still on W7 and have no reason to change for the moment. I thing to have 64bit plugins directly in the vst folder instead of loading vienna, adding a vienna audio input plugin, then going in vienna to make the plugin setings,then back in cubase is much more convenient… But I’ll see by using that what’s the best way…

Thanks a lot for your answer !

In that scenario, JBridge seems to be a very good alternative for you, and also very cheap. I don’t know which the JBridge demo limitations are, sorry. I purchased it a long time ago.

I have used Power Core Element and Power Core PCI together with JBridge for at least 4 years. And the last year on Win 10. And it works fine. Don´t know about the firewire version, but i should be the same.

Hans Henrik

The limitation seems to be 20mn working then silence. But the price is reasonable… Not like cubase update ! :open_mouth: I’m not sure this new 9.0 update is really deserved, a 8.6 would have been more fair with the same 8.0 --> 8.5 price…

Anyway. That is not the topic here… For the moment, jbridge looks to work correctly.

Thanks, HansHenrikBay, this makes me very optimistic ! :slight_smile:

PCI & firewire working perfectly over jbridge.