Cubase 9 Pro and jBridge

Will jBridge still work well in Cubase 9 to allow me to use a few 32bit VST’s as I did in Cubase 8.5 Pro? Almost all my stuff is x64 now, but I still have about 4 small x32 VST’s I’d like to be able to use on v9.

Is it one of the apps which gets blacklisted? If so can I re-whitelist it and stil use it successfully?

I don’t use jBridge in CB9 (yet) but a quick search of this forum using the term “jbridge” shows that it does.

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JBridge should work but make sure that the folder containing your 32 bit plugins is not seen by Cubase and that the bridged dll files are in a separate folder with a path to Cubase. Good luck.

jBridge works well on my system

Yup, seems to be working fine here too.

And it’s no longer recommended to have Cubase “Run as Adminstrator” for jBridge, so that’s nice.

Yes Jbridge running fine on win 10 with my UAD1 plugins. Yezzz the UAD1 works on win 10.

I added jBridge after updating to C9 and it is rock solid so far, better than the Cubase bridge in 8.5. This superior quality demonstrates why we maintain an affection for certain older 32bit plugins: there are some talented independent programmers out there, and some them did their thing, put plugins out there (often for free), and moved on, leaving us with good 32bit-only stuff. jBridge, by the way, costs next to nothing.