Cubase 9 pro and Mackie contol

I jumped from 6.5 to cubase cubase pro 9

I have a Mackie Control Universal (midi). With Cubase 6.5 it was very simple, through an icon the bottom left of the mixer of Cubase, just call up the groups, etc or the channels through the Mackie buttons. With Cubase 9, on the left there is a page “visibility”, but do not know how to assign portions to the mixer Mackie buttons.
Can anyone tell me how to do, or tell me where to go to retrieve the answer?
thank you


You can make your own MixConsole views by using Visibility Agent.

Is this what you are looking for?

thanks for your answer.

the problem is that then do not know how to bind to the mackie keys, the various portions of the cubase mixer, to display only groups, only the channels, only the effects etc …

Cubase 6.5 asked me to give a name to the portion of the mixer I wanted to be visible and then I associated, for example, to the key number 1, 2, 3 of mackie controller. This will display each time just what I needed and not the entire mixer.

I hope I was clear

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