CUBASE 9 PRO & dm 2000 version 2

Hi to everyone. I installed in my computer, downloaded from Yamaha site, the USB MID DRIVER 64bit + Studio Manager 64bit + DM2000 64 bit and ALL works perfectly :open_mouth: if i lunch my Cubase Pro 8.5 in 32bit mode … Otherwise (the 9.0.30 64bit and the 8.5 64bit too) nothing works properly … It always ask me about the NOT FOUND midi ports … grrrr… :imp: But this happen ONLY in 64bit mode … How possible? All what installed is in 64 bit and works just the 32??? :open_mouth: :confused: Someone can help me, please?
Many many thx and, please, excuse my bad Eng.
Alex :wink:


Are you sure the driver is 64bit?

Hi, Martin, and thx for the reply!! Absolutely shure!!! Down/d from Yamaha site …
unless yamaha has published fake files :frowning:

I’m not Windows guy, but I believe there is a way how to check the driver, if it’s 32- or 64-bit.

Well, for the precision, about the USB MIDI DRIVER the yamaha site tell me “for win 32/64” … :question: all the other softwares are surely 64.

Dwd from here:

Always thx for your courtesy!

hmmmmmmmm … in what way I can check it? maybe you know?

Ok, just checked … It’s 64 for sure as you can see looking the attachement … :slight_smile:
Always thx for your courtesy


Is it the same with a new project created in Cubase 9?

I could imagine Cubase cannot recognise the MIDI Port as the same in 32-/64-bit. So if you stored the project in 32-but Cubase with the MIDI Port, 64-bit Cubase doesn’t recognise it’s the same MIDI Port.

'Morning Mr Martin … :slight_smile: So, if I don’t misunderstood your suggest I have to create a new project with my Cubase 9 and verify the Studio Manager … Correct? OK, as soon as possible this morning I’ll go in my studio and I’ll try …
Many thx for all

Sigh, Martin … is the same … Tried as your kind suggest but nothing to do … :frowning: The Cubase 9 completely ignore the SM as you can see in the attached jpg … Instead the 8.5 works fine … Boh?!?
Any suggest? :cry:


I’m sorry, but this is not in Cubase. It seams the system doesn’t recognise the device in 64-bit. To me it’s now on the system level, to me.

Ok, Martin, thank you very much for all your suggests … I will try to investigate the matter further and, if I should be able, I will let you know …
Have good time.

Hi Alex

I use a DM2000 and Cubase Pro 9 every day and am on a fully 64 bit system. In your device setup can you see Dm2000 listed under ‘remote devices’.

Hi mart, many many thx for your intervention and sorry my late reply … I was many days out of home … :unamused:
I realised, in the meantime, that I have, with most probability, a problem with WIN 7 and not with Cubase, as Martin’s suggested. I hope you can help me because I’m going in crazy but I’m not able to solve the problem … Now I try to explain but I fear you’ll not be able to understand my crazy Eng. :laughing:
Now, what happens? After dozens of installations and reinstallations (with registry cleanup, etc.) I had to realize that, in all likelihood, something in the operating system was in conflict with the softwares in question. In fact, the SM program, which were regularly installed, when I launch it did connect very badly, could not save the patches, had problems with connectivity with the mixer, etc.
Not knowing what else to do and in trying to verify the mixer’s reliability and the programs I have been lending me, from a friend, a laptop with the same operating system (win 7 pro pack 1) and tried to connect the usb cable to mixer and install everything. MAGIC !!! At first try everything works perfectly and I have no problem!!! :smiley: So what exactely happen? For sure something about my programs installed in Win7. Some programs that go in conflict with SM?! Who knows what else!?! Some dlls, some drivers, something in short…. :smiling_imp:

So I abandoned Cubase and concentrate myself ONLY around the SM software … In effect I tried to launch only the SM stand alone and NOT the Cubase plugin. In fact, it seems that everything works properly. If I try to sync the computer with DM2000 (and vice versa) I can do it, if I want to modify the midi or setup channels I can, etcetera. But as soon as I try to save the patch (ATTENTION !!! Even if I do not do it physically, just hit on “save as” to get this result) I can not sync or do any other action right away. In fact, while before, choosing from the drop-down menus, windows appeared with the various possible actions, as soon as I choose “SAVE AS” appear white windows and I can not do anything anymore. And the green led on the Master Channel immediately turn to brown … :cry: The same if I try to load some old patches. In short, I can not use the software. You think I’m just using it to rewrite some channel names on DM2000 :cry:
Maybe you can help me (if you could understand something of my English rude) :smiley:
Maybe what happens to me is a known problem for those who use SM?
I’ll pay for you beer and pizza for all the year … :mrgreen:
Many many thx in advance and, please, sorry my graphomany and my Eng!!

Hey, but I forgot to reply at your question … Yes, I can see it !!!

Hi Alex

Sorry for delay we had a bad hurricane in Ireland which knocked out my power for 30 hours.
I have never used nor haven’t had the need to use the studio manager software for the dm2000. Why do you need to use it?

I no longer use the automation system on the dm2000 instead using it as a remote surface for cubase.

Maybe you can simplify in point form what your trying to do as the descriptions are very hard to follow.

Since it seems everything works with your friends laptop it would appear you have an OS quirk. We’ve all had these from time to time. Why not upgrade to windows 10 os as it’s pretty stable with cubase and the dm2000 works fine with it - for me at least. Again though I can’t vouch for the yamaha studio manager software because I don’t use it.

Hi, Mart,thousand thanks for the reply. I’m sorry for the hurricane that has reset your power. So it does not happen only in my area … hehehe … :mrgreen:
I knew that my bad English would not allowed me to explain good and fluently; anyway thank you very much for at least trying to read.
Why did I wish to use SM? Simply because it seems very convenient to be able to recall scenes from the computer and send them to the DM2000 WITH EVERY SINGLE CUBASE SONG. (It’s true that I can do it with the DM2000 scenes but it seemed more comfortable to get through the Cubase)
Unfortunately I can not use the DM2000 as a controller for Cubase simply because MY PC (and only mine !!! With my friend’s laptop everything works perfectly … grrrrr … :imp: ) it does not work … :cry:
I have not changed (yet) the operating system because I am not convinced that I find everything I need (drivers, software, compatibility etc) even because I have some pretty but old toys :mrgreen: … but I’ll have to decide whether to do it sooner or later. I will try as soon as possible the WIN10 you are advising me.
I was hoping you were an SM user so I could ask you some tips on how to use it. In any case, thank you very much for the availability and courtesy showed me and I greet you with so much sympathy. :smiley: