Cubase 9 pro dont hear sounds or cant load plugins

Hey ! when i started cubase and loaded up a Project today a wierd dist sound came, after that my Project ’ all of them’’ dont have any sounds, or sound for like 20 sec, then its dead silent, and if i try to load a plugin or listen to a sample from media bay cubase freezes.

never had any problem Before so i dont know how to tackle this

dunno if it Worth mention but today the first time a loaded cubase 9 the Initializing took forever,

now checked 8.5 and Initializing seems stuck…


there are a few issues on the new Macs with Touch Bar, yes.

We reported a few, but no issues have been found on the Cubase side. Difficult to know which software suffers from this - I’m aware of Kontakt (NI recommended to set Read&Write permissions for the folder Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins, according to one affected user) and FabFilter (but they have promptly resolved the issue a couple builds ago).

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oh, well im sitting on a PC, and if it helps the meters dont even show sounds. so i dont think its a soundcard problem, heh this is eating me up :frowning:

update. if i start cubase 9 and create a emty Project ‘so far’ Everything seems to work, if i load up any Project i get a disturbing sound in the leftspeaker, and after that there is no sound, if i now try to Close down cubase or do anything in, it freezez

'new update, heh., its not all projects, some do work fine, others have this issue, and cubase laggs like hell on those

heh! a manage to narrow it down to syleth1., every Project that had it opened crashed, or if i started a new and open sylenth that one crashed, after i downloaded the newest version on it ’ wich btw have a much more atractive looks’’ Everything seems to work 'for now

Everything is just wierd, cuse all worked fine last time i had cubase opened and nothing has been updated or tuched since

Good to hear. If you have completely blank meters when playing back a project, that’s usually a driver connection problem. I would not exclude a plug-in can do it, but it’s usually due to an outdated or faulty driver version (or a problem with the bus driver used for the connection, this is more common with FW interfaces).