Cubase 9 Pro GPU spikes

I’ve been having this issue with Cubase 9 Pro where it creates audible GPU spikes. At first is was mostly when zooming in and out, and iStat monitors showed that my old GPU (Nvidia GT120-512MB) was hitting 100% load, so I figured I’d get a better GPU and that should solve it.

Last week I got an AMD Radeon HD5870-1GB, but it doesn’t help. Then I downloaded the Cubase update 9.0.40, but that seems to be worse. I get audible spikes, and again, the GPU shows brief burst of 100% load.

This is only happens when Cubase 9 is running. No problems with C6.5

What is going on here? Thanks.

Have you tried different asio setup parameters ? (latency/buffer , asio guard)

It’s weird ASIO guard on/off is really unpredictable. Sometimes on is better, sometimes it’s not.

My buffer has been fixed at 128 for many years and was always fine with C6.5

I guess I could go up to 192 or 256, but I’d rather not.

I really think it is the GPU thing, though.

Maybe try to swap 32/64 bit processing.
It’s strange , but i don’t think it’s a gui/system issue If C6.5 works ok.
Probably some sort of incompatibility C9>OS/hardware.