Cubase 9 Pro hangs at startup

Hi there,

SPEC: Cubase 9 Pro, Win10 64bit, Intel i7 32g RAM, Octacapture sound card.

I recently formated my PC and reinstalled Cubase 5 and upgrade to Cubase 9 downloaded from the website. eLiscenser is working and shows my licenses which I reactivated online. It worked only once and when it started looking for plugins it hung. Since then, it will always hang on the startup screen, either at euconadapter.dll or at no file at all. It is a fresh Windows 10 install with no other pluggins than the ones coming with Cubase.

Restored preferences at startup
Launching ‘As Administrator’
Renamed VST3 folder to VST3bak

Still the same issue, it hangs on startup screen.

Any help?


Does it give you a crash dump? It would be at C:\Users<Username>\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

If you share those it may help resolving it.