Cubase 9 Pro -Mininova Recording

Hi, I own a Novation Mininova synth and I want to record some sounds into MIDI in Cubase 9 Pro.
I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen and of course, I have the Mininova plug-in in my Cubase.
The recording part itself wasn’t a problem, it went smoothly, but the problem is that the MIDI track that I recorded only uses the connected Mininova as a source, it doesn’t actually contain the sound. So after I unplug the synth from my audio interface, the recorded MIDI track doesn’t play.
I tried to “Render in place” the whole MIDI track, and it simply just did not work, the new audio track did not contain any sound, it was empty.
Of course, I could just record the synth directly into the audio track and not bother with MIDI, but in this case I prefer working with MIDI and I wonder, why would there be a plug-in which allows me to record into a MIDI track without being able to use it afterwards?
Any suggestions on how to actually get the sound into the MIDI track?
Or how to render the MIDI track without only getting an ampty new track?



The only way to do this is leave the synth connected to your interface so you can hear midi adjustments as you make them or decide you like the results and record the output to the audio track. The vst interface for the mininova does not generate sound, the hardware does.

Take a look at this video. It explains exactly what you’re looking for: