Cubase 9 Pro on MacOS High Sierra

Has anyone tried updating to the beta version of MacOS High Sierra yet? If so, any issues that you’ve seen so far?

Been using Cubase 9 Pro with High Sierra 10.13 beta for a couple of days now and have found no issues yet

i’ve just upgraded to high sierra and now cubase 9 pro won’t load?

I’m on Mac and it crashes with High Sierra. Is there going to be an update for Cubase 9 that will fix this?

Current C9 and High Sierra work fine, trash your Prefs file or move it to a new location and voila

This doesn’t work for me. Assuming preferences is “UserPreferences.xml” in /Library/Preferences/ under my home directory. I delete it and it still crashes when its loading.

Maybe its a plugin crashing it?

Thank you. Do you know how I can troubleshoot it? I have the log file but don’t see anything I recognize in terms of plugins.

You might actually see where cubase crash during the splashscreen. You can bypass the plugin in a safe boot, dont remember the keycombo for that, or, just remove the plugin folder and try restart cubase. Also you can open the console app on your mac and see what causing the crash from the logfile.

Thank you! If I could get a list of the blacklisted plugins, that would help, But when I rename the VST folder, Cubase loads but also resets the blacklist. I have a lot of plugins and nothing shows up in the log file or console that I can see.

Thanks a lot hjwinge! I added plugins one at a time and found the offending plugin. Was surprised (or maybe I wasn’t surprised at all) that it was Komplete Kontrol.vst causing the crash. In addition to this, I discovered that the latest Melodyne Essential 4 is blacklisted. Must check into that as well. But for now, 9.0.3 is opening again at least. Thanks for the guidance!

Yes, have been on to stienberg about but haven’t heard anything yet. i tried upgrading to 9.5 at a cost of £51, with the same problem. it seems to crash every time when it comes to loading the mixer.

Works perfectly with High Sierra,Apollo Twin, UAD plugins.

I don’t know about you but I had the same thing where it crashed at the mixer and for me it was Komplete Kontrol.vst plugin (version 1.9.1). Once I removed that, it started fine.