Cubase 9 Pro questions

Second attempt at posting, as my post from last week seems to have disappeared…

I am considering upgrading from Cubase Studio 5 to Pro 9

I am on a Windows 7 64 bit PC.

When I upgrade, will I need to uninstall Studio 5 first, or just install 9 over the top of the existing installation ?

Has anyone here faced any issues with Spectrasonics Stylus RMX and Trilian VSTIs, when upgrading ?

Will Pro 9 read my old .cpr files ?

many thanks

Cubase Pro 9 will be a separate installation, no need to uninstall Studio 5.

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  1. As said, these are two independent applications. No need to uninstall it. Actually if you are song HALion One in your projects, make sure you keep it installed on your system.

  2. Yes.

Ok, thank you

Trillian works perfect on 9.0.10 Pro

Thanks SledDriver.

One final question before I buy :

I have the old E-Licenser USB stick that I purchased with Cubase Studio 5.

Will I be able to download my licence onto this device, for Cubase Pro 9 ? Or do I need to purchase a newer USB licenser ?


I too have a Cubase 5 era dongle and it’s still going strong…

I believe the 9 license can be installed on all versions of the eLicenser. There’s quite a useful article here from which you might be able to work out which version you have…

The only thing that may be of concern is where it says: "When using a 1st generation USB-eLicenser, the graphical user interface of licensed software may feel less responsive. In this case, we recommend replacing the USB-eLicenser with the latest model." I think Studio 5 is more recent than this, however, but checking against when you bought it or the product timeline might confirm this.

Moving licenses from an old licenser to a new one is not complicate, I did it myself last year after my old one started feeling a bit ropey (physically falling apart).

Thank you Planarchist and Crochety.

That’s really helpful

Can’t wait to upgrade :smiley: