Cubase 9 Pro upgrade instructs available?

I am on Cubase Pro 8.5 at the moment. Readng the various Cubase 9 Pro posts, I think I need a backout plan to Cubase Pro 8.5.

Windows 10 related:-
1- When you install Cubase Pro 9, do you see two executables one for 8.5 and 9 as an option to which you run?
2- The download did not come with any installation instructions, rather several pages of mumbo jumbo about asknet,
and titally useless to me. Installation and preparation instructions would have been more useful thank you.
3- I still have 32bit VSTs, so will they all work in Cubase Pro 9?
4- Should I make back ups of any folders or data, such as the /common files sub folders where I put my vsts into?
5- My music Windows 10 PC is totally off the internet. Standalone, so have I any registration issues?
( Note; I have a further WIndows 10 laptop for internet access and downloading etc)

Any other tips? ( DONT BUY ! Sorry too late I bought Cubuse Pro 9)

Thanks fellow Cubase users

  1. Yes, you can still run 8.5 or any earlier version that you have installed.
  2. You just run the installation file, what further instructions do you need? Asknet are the shopfront who deal with the selling of Steinberg software.
  3. No, 32 bit plugins will not work in Cubase 9 unless you use a bridge (eg: jBridge) or a non-supported hack.
  4. There shouldn’t be any need to.
  5. You will need internet access to activate the license but this doesn’t have to be on the PC that you’re actually going to run the software on.

I always keep previous versions installed “just in case” but have found 9 absolutely fine.

Thanks planarchist -

Not sure if I want to install Pro 9 then, if I can’t run my 32 bit VSTs.

Windows 10 still backwardly supports 32 bit programs. So Cubase pro 9 should as it runs on the same platform.
I understand the logic behind Steinberg not to support 32bit VSTs, as it makes it more economic from the company not to test 32 bit VSTs anymore, or try to support it in their product Pro 9.

Until Windows make a 64 bit ONLY platform, then I’m afraid Steinberg don’t fully understand the commercial software business world.