Cubase 9 pro - VST instruments won't load

Hi, I use Cubase 9 pro, and up until a few weeks ago everything worked fine.

I recently bought a RME Babyface Pro interface. When I started Cubase and loaded a project, I got some errors and warnings (“could not create record file”) and now most VST instruments won’t load.

I have some old ones that are bridged, for example Battery 3, that won’t load, but also newer ones like Repro 1 and 5 don’t work. Those last ones produce a white loading screen, then nothing…

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong here? When I start Cubase 5 everything works fine. But I’m not willing to go back after all this expensive upgrading…

EDIT: I also have Cubase 8.5 installed. Weirdly, all these VST’s work okay in this version.

Thank in advance!



Then I would probably recommend to trash Cubase 9 preferences.

Thanks, I did that, but now there are no plugins left whatsoever… How can I point Cubase to the right folders?

I find this so confusing, all these different locations for plugins… Do I have to install everything again?

Okay, resetting Cubase and rebuilding the bridge files seems to have done the trick. Thanks!!