Cubase 9 Pro with Audinate Dante Virtual Soundcard crashing

Since I bought my QL1 one year too early, I didn’t get Nuendo Live bundled.
Since I have Cubase 9 Pro I thought I could use it instead for recording live shows, of course without Nuendo Live integration, but with inputs and outputs.

It seems to be impossible to make Cubase 9 Pro work while it uses DVS as soundcard.
Cubase crashes everytime.
Really frustrating.

Any ideas for workaround?

This issue seems to concern Cubase in general.
I made a new project with another driver.
When I try to add track Cubase crashes.

Actually I don’t need to make a project to make Cubase crash.
If I go for example to Devices and try to open any MixingConsole → Crash.

This issue happens on one computer only.
All the computers have their drivers up to date.