Cubase 9 Registration

Has anybody had problems with registering Cubase 9? I successfully got the license to show up on my USB eLicense, but it’s not listed in My Products downloads. I’ve restarted my computer, performed maintenance on the eLicense and made sure I have the most current eLicense Control Center. I’m on an iMac running El Capitan (10.11.5).

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


Open elicenser software and run a maintenance.

I did that about 10 times.

The same happens to me. I don’t what’s going on. :confused:

Am I missing something? The eLicense Control Center shows Cubase 9 and I’ve performed the maintenance several times. Shouldn’t the download links be showing in My Steinberg Products?

I’m relieved to read that I am not the only one with this issue.

eLicenser [the latest download] displays Cubase 9
My Steinberg/ My Products displays Cubase 8.5

I’ve tried a dozen times to register the new product with My Steinberg.
So I’ve opened an email support ticket with my local distributor [Yamaha].

…and I was going to wait a few days before testing out the new version but took the plunge after reading that Cubase 8.5 would still work ‘alongside’ V9.


When you register it, are you supposed to enter the activation code (the one from email) in the Enter Download Access Code field? When I do this I get “Activation Code Not Found.” I also tried my eLicense number as well. Very frustrating.

I had this problem with Dorico, but I eventually got it to work. Very frustrating.


Okay, it just showed up in the downloads section. People have said the servers are overwhelmed so I guess patience is needed. It’s downloading as I’m typing this and the speed is pretty quick.


I’m using a MAC running Sierra,

My situation is far worse. I can’t even connect to my elicenser now.
When I try, I get an error:
'Connection to protection device lost"

I tried to connect to it on a PC machine with an earlier version of elicenser control and the latest version without joy.

I did not get the error but there are no licenses on the unit now and the unit serial number is not populated.

In the device manager, it’s listed as a Protected Executer.
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
Also, the manufacturer is not listed.

The bonus is, all my licenses are registered online.
It’s hard to believe that this is a bizarre coincidence.
I’ve used it for years without as much as a hiccup.
Regardless, I ordered a new dongle and opened a ticket with Tech Support

I’m dead in the water until it comes in and am able to recover my licenses.


I can’t also find the product on the mysteinberg page, it still says Cubase pro 8.5, what is this nonsense ? I can’t even download the product lol it would be nice to get some info, does this come from the servers ?? is it a problem on my end ?

I was having the same problem, but after a few hours Cubase 9 full now appears on my steinberg area.

Same here. It just took a few hours, than the license infromation appeared correctely at the My Steinberg account.

Same here on 2015 MacBook Pro. I’m using a 1st-gen USB-dongle. I managed to download the 9-licence to the dongle with my older MacBook Pro (2007) running El Capitan and an older eLCC-version. On this computer I’m able to start Cubase 8. But even with the updated licenser Cubase 9 isn’t working on my new machine. Very frustrating.

In the meantime the Cubase Pro 9 licence shows up online under mySteinberg – what was not the case for one day. I now ordered a new dongle and opened a support ticket.

My issue with Cubase 9 not being registered correctly with “My Steinberg” has resolved itself.
I’m feel happy now :slight_smile:

I had the same problem ‘Connection to protection device lost’ on my iMac. On my Win10 PC the installation and the activation of the license to the 1-gen-USB dongle went well. I talk to the tech support and they told me that probably 1 gen dongles affected.

As a workaround for MAC - activated C9 Lic. via Win10 elicenser is precondition:

  • I downloaded the separate elicenser SW for Mac on the steinberg download page.
  • included in this SW is the elicenses uninstaller
  • uninstall the C9 elicenses SW incl. logs etc.
  • reboot the MAC (don’t know if it’s really necessary, but I have done it)
  • install e.g. C8.5.20 Update again, this installs an older elicenser (but not too old)
  • with this elicenser you can to the maintenance task on the 1-gen USB dongle correctly and you can also start C9

please be careful: do not install e.g. Wavelab 9.0.35 Update this will install the latest elicenser SW and you will have the problem again