Cubase 9 remove 32 bit plugins

My Cubase 9 is hanging on startup
While waiting for support to respond I want to try removing all the old/32bit plugins
on OSX
Does anyone know if there’s a guide to which directories they are in?
Is it OK to just rename/move/delete them?


They’re in: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST(3)
I had no start-up problems with Cubase 9, but just deleted all 32 bit blacklisted plug-ins.
Do you know which of your plug-ins are 32 bit??

I’m not sure exactly but they’ll probably be magazine freebies
The paid for ones should be 64 bit i.e. IK Amplitube and MODOBass

Turning off McAfee got my Pro 9 starting up again
Then removed the blacklisted plugins

DAWs and Anti Virus programmes do not go together.
Good to know you are back in business.

  • McAfee on a Mac??? :confused: