Cubase 9 rumors

Well taken from Cubase 7 rumors on the web(just changed 7 by 9…
but we the users have the same “code” for every release )… i feel cubase 9 tension the few last days :wink:

"any rumors on a Cubase 9 release date? anyone know of any new features that may be added?
nothing but rumors. The Borgz never tease releases. ^
I think we should just cut/paste the C8 release thread and save everyone the trouble of …

  1. complaining about the standard price
  2. complaining about the upgrade price
  3. complaining about missing the grace period by 2 days
  4. complaining about some obscure bug that’s been there since VST/32
  5. complaining that some “standard” feature is not included in one of the entry packages
  6. complaining that they don’t give them a sampler like Halion or Kontakt for free
  7. complaining because some plug-in written by their cousin with the original VST SDK won’t run.
  8. complain because they can’t convert MIDI to Audio
  9. Complain about the dongle and not being able to register (even though that’s worked flawlessly for 2 or 3 years now).
  10. Complaints about how new feature X is not useful for ME
  11. Whining about how feature Y should have been implemented years ago
  12. Pickering over if included paper manual is waste of paper VS with this price tag it NEEDS a printed manual
  13. complain that the 9 upgrade is just basically a dot-9 update ----"

That’s a valid complaint though.