Cubase 9 Score Project Crashing on start up

A particular project that I worked on for days and saved, now won’t open.
It’s just a score from a midi drum track. Other similar projects open fine.
The project opens and goes to the Score page and the “Serious Problem” message comes up, then when i click cancel, it all stops.

I’m suspecting it’s to do with the fact that this project wasn’t started as a completely new project. Rather, I created it from an existing project that I’d done which had similar midi/notation I wanted to use. I simply deleted the midi/notation I didn’t want from this original project, added to it and clicked “Save As” to save it under a different project. Could this be a reason for it crashing? Should I have created a whole new project from the beginning, or should it not make any difference?

Any help appreciated.

Attached is a pic of displays when the project loads:


Using Windows 10
Cubase 9


Could you attach the mentioned DMP file, please? Then we can resolve it and have a look, where did it crash.