Cubase 9 seems a "too early" release

Cubase 9 seems a “too early” release. 9.0.1 immediate after the release.
I use to work with a laptop and I like the new “lower zone” but it seems not really finished.
Why there is no chain button to link audio event and sample editor in the lower zone?
Why if I move the “current time indicator” line in the main window the sample editor follows it if its open in the window and not in the lower zone?
Why the “free warp” is unselected each time I click on the main window and return to the lower zone and this do not happen when I do the same from/to the sample editor in window?
There is a lot of little misworkings in the new lower zone…
Where is the documentation? It’s the first time it is not included in de downloadable package. It must be downloaded from the help webpage and there is only English versions… Early release too.

Please do more tests and if the product is not ready… please delay the release.
Please, forget the December 7th and release really finished updates.

Disappointed customer

I think you mean “too early”.

Yes, my english is poor. Sorry.

Please report these in the Issues - Bug Reports forum.

It might be ‘too early’ but many like myself would of been disappointed if we didn’t get our early Christmas present. Something for us to get excited about, talk about over Christmas. Some of us believed they’d be delaying it until March, due to the video thing but Steinberg honoured tradition, so I is HAPPY!

This is not a bug report, is a complain.
There is not only little misworkings, there is untranslated strings yet.
I should think developers know there is unfinished things. And I think they should release a maintenance update with the really finished 9.0 version.
Too much pressure from the comercial dept. to developers???
I consider Cubase a tool, not a game.