Cubase 9 (sometimes) crashes when opening/closing project

This is an issue I have had for a long time. Cubase sometimes crashes when opening/closing certain projects…but not always. For example, I open a template, work perfectly fine for a day, save, come back the next day and it crashes when trying to open the project. Now, the thing is…it doesn’t always crash, so after a few try’s normally I can open the project. Some files crash 9/10 times, some files never crash, while on the same template. Sometimes renaming the file works and I can open it again.

Things I tried:

  • Updated from 8.5 to Cubase 9 + trashed prefs
  • Updated all drivers (RME audio interface, Play, Kontakt, every Play Instrument)
  • Reinstalled Zebra
  • Reinstalled & updated QLSpaces
  • Updated Video Card Drivers
  • Updated Quicktime
    (basically updated every driver/plugin that could be updated).

Checked that there are no 32 bit plugins causing havoc, have deleted or hidden them from any Cubase folders.

I have also tried to remove certain elements from the project, one for one. Nothing made any difference until I removed all Hollywood String tracks. That seemed to make a difference since the project saved without HS opened ten times in a row and the project with HS opening 1 times out of 10.

A full HS template opens perfectly fine though, and other projects with lots of HS also load & work great.

It’s feel like a random issue, but it seems project related. So I’m aware of some project files that crash more often than others, who never crash.

I am on a disabled tracks template, so no VEP. Build a new one from scratch in C9.

Opened a support ticket a few weeks ago, but haven’t heard back. I also sent the crashfiles to support.

Me, too… I open my latest project and “Cubase stopped working”. I restart the machine and load again… everything is fine. When it’s running, it runs better than any previous version ever did…

It has to be some plug-in, but I have disabled/checked every folder and plugin one by one. It’s difficult to test as well because it doesnt happen every time, but like 50% of the time.

Thinking of completely reinstalling W7/upgrading to W10. But that is really a last, last resort because that will cost me a few days.