Cubase 9 stalls on loading VST 2.x Plug In Manager

Each time I open Cubase 9 for the first time in a session, it stalls on loading at the point where its “Initialising VST 2.x Plug In Manager”.

Sometimes the loading stalls for a minute or so, and sometimes it won’t load at all.

Can anyone suggest a way I can check this and prevent it happening each time?


I have got exactly the same problem with Cubase 9.5 - it quits loading right after trying to load VST 2.x Plug In Manager. Did You manage to solve the problem?

When trying to launch 9.0 it works. 9.5 not.

Make sure you have the latest eLicenser version installed. That may help.

Have you tried temporarily renaming the directories where your VST 2.x plugins are stored and then re-starting Cubase to confirm whether it may be one (or more) of the 2.x plugins and its/their interaction with the plugin manager that is causing the problem?

Do you have any Waves plugins? If you do, make sure that the licenses can be read OK. I once had an issue like yours which was sorted by putting the Waves licenses on a USB stick instead of the Cloud.