CUBASE 9 Unusable. No response from steinberg

I have paid for the update from 8.5 -> 9… It doesn’t work. It crashes constantly. I have updated to the latest update.

All contact to steinberg i’ve made via email and this forum has been ignored.

I just want to get a refund on this update. I\m moving to another DAW but want to keep 8.5 so I can open my old projects.

What can I do?

If you only want to pursue a refund you need to contact ask/net who runs the Steinberg Shop.

If you want to troubleshoot a bit (on your own), ask here in the forum. Maybe someone will see and suggest something. If you do, please be as specific as possible and list your software/hardware specs.

Good luck :wink:

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thanks… i’ve tried the forum for trouble shooting to no avail. Nothing seems to quite work properly in c9 for me. the sampler track looked great but only works 50% of the time. and whenever I record several tracks and hit stop the sound stops and cubase has to be restarted to get it back. Also changing an input to an audio track often crashes the system. Buggiest cubase ever for me and I’m pretty pissed off I paid for it

not to mention all the bugs carried on from previous versions (can’t route the right hand side of a stereo audio track and can’t process and pitch change without timestretch alg without it reducing the level by about 80db)

i’m on a mac pro 2008 with yosemite 12gb ram and 2 uad cards

it’s time to move to something else I think.

Pretty sure Yosemite isn’t officially supported. But even then I think that Cubase shouldn’t be crashing as often as you’re describing. They actually put a lot of work into making Cubase 9 stable.

Have you tried resetting your preferences? Maybe running Cubase on another computer?

You’re not the only person who has contacted Steinberg with issues relating to Cubase, without getting any response.

So, myself and another forum member had the same experience, recently. And, unfortunately, Cubase is plagued with many experience and productivity interrupting bugs. What is going on at Steinberg lately - is Steinberg in financial trouble?

And you expect the other DAW’s to work perfectly on your 2008 machine? Unless you have something more current, including your OS, you will have issues.

Your problem is clearly your operating system, not one with Steinberg, Cubase 9 or even your computer. Supported systems are outlined in the C9 specs. My suggestion is to update before abandoning your purchase.

well i downloaded the demo of studio one and it works perfectly and looks great. Also considerably cheaper than cubase.

I guess i’ll upgrade to a more recent OS but I thought yosemite would be fine. Usually upgrading an OS brings more problems and I don’t need any fancy new features in my os . I just want stability .

I produce music for a living and having 0 support from steinberg makes continuing with it a 100% no go.

Then I ask you why 9 and not 8.5 if that was stable? Yes I upgraded too, it works good here (on win7 64), but if it didn’t I would be upset for a day and continued on 8.5. I agree on updating the OS, but I would have just as happy stayed on C6 or anything later. Staying on 8.5 is in any case cheaper then going somewhere else. Just trying to be helpful, sometimes, at least I, can make it much to difficult to keep it simple.

No, they actually seem to be expanding. Steinberg moved their HQ to a new location very recently, which might be part of the reason why support didn’t respond yet.

FYI… Today I got a reply to a support message I sent in to the support staff in Germany. It was sent about a month ago when Halion Sonic SE 3 was released. It apologized for the delay, saying they were having some support system issues. Luckily, for me, the support group in the USA had long since assisted me with my question.

BTW… Halion Sonic SE version 3.0.1 issued today.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I have the same problem of initialization crashes, and I’m using Yosemite too. It opens the “select interface” window, and after selected it crashes. My configuration is iMac 27inch, late 2013, 3.4,Ghz Intel Core i5, 32Gb Ram 1600Mhz DDR3. It crashes in initialization whem I select Steinberg UR 824, or Yamaha MOX6/MOX8, as the audio interface. It only opens if built in audio is selected. I have connected an UR 824, Yamaha Mox8 synthesizer and Apollo Twin (this interface, curiosly, is not listed as alternative in interface choice at initialization). Cubase 8.5 works normally. Anyone can help us?

Can you first open with the build in and then once opened change it?

Any reason why you aren’t on the latest version of Sierra? On my 2013 McBook Pro it runs rock solid.

“What can I do?”

you go somewhere else

Don’t see the point of your post, its just a rant.
Did you not try the 9 demo first?

Mac Pro 2008 on Mavericks works great here. New Mac Pros not due until 2018ish (Apple admits it missed the Pro mark with Trashcans and is going back to the drawing board to start fresh). Sierra is the last update available for 2008s. I was advised not to bother with Sierra by fellow producer who did) Try Mavericks if you still can. No sluggishness as reported by later OSXs.

Have you tried removing all plugins and loading them bit by bit to see if one is causing the problem? That can hang you up with erratic behaviour and crashes. The crash log should list the immediate offender.

They paid for a product, and can’t get support from its publisher. They have every right to seek information on the product forums. You, on the other hand, complained for no purpose. Your contribution only showed off how out of touch and unreasonable you are capable of being. If somebody should go someplace else, maybe it’s yourself - if you aren’t able to post in a manner that’s helpful.

And who tests out software before they buy it due to a presumption that the software is going to be broken? That isn’t even an option with 98%+ of software. I take it you don’t have much experience with computing and software?

This is more a testament of how riddled with bugs Cubase is, and how little Steinberg is doing to address bugs in Cubase.

Riddled with bugs? You make it sound like no one can use Cubase. The OP’s machine doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, and after having a look through the his posts, I see no questions specific to troubleshooting his system.

He can sell his license, or keep it and wait till he has a machine that does does meet the OS requirements, or figure out how to get his machine up to it. There are people running Cubase 9 on Macs that old.

While it’s true that SB support is darn slow in certain regions, the other stuff is just whining and BS. But forum members entitled to do that, and as long as you follow the forum rules so one will stop you.

Anyway, it’s time for this thread to be lounged.
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One more thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

You are hereby found guilty of the logical fallacy Ad ignorantiam, and of begging the question. Congratulations! :wink:

Well, some of my bus routing doesn’t work in some projects, leaving me with having to re-purpose other buses that are already needed for other things. And the folder Mute / Solo button pathing / hierarchy eventually break once a project gets large enough, resulting in a lot of Solo / Mute micromanagement as I work on a project. I actually choose to not load up Cubase at times because of how frustrating those bugs are to deal with, and how much extra work they require from me. And those bugs affect basic functionality, and interfere with the entire project once they appear. I think that those are some pretty significant caveats to using Cubase.