CUBASE 9 Unusable. No response from steinberg

You speak in only the most general terms, and what you’re saying is quite vague too. You’re saying there are “pretty significant caveats to using Cubase”, but you started out with “riddled with bugs.”

A caveat a warning about a of specific condition or limitations.

But hey, complain away.

I didn’t speak more vaguely than a general comment warranted, I gave specific examples of how Cubase’s bugginess is a serious hindrance to using it by giving detailed description for two major bugs that I have also previously detailed on this forum, and also describing the extent to which they interfere with my usage of Cubase.

I have also been present on this forum to have watched, in recent-history (for Cubase 8, I believe), the complaints of bugs rise to a boiling point, at which time Steinberg made a post showing that they were hearing people’s extreme upsetness about the number of bugs in Cubase. In response, Steinberg asked the community which bugs or missing features the community wished Steinberg to focus on. Steinberg received many pages listing bugs that hadn’t been addressed for years (such as the Mute / Solo bug that I and others mentioned multiple times on the forums), but after collecting all the information, only addressed a very small number of the bugs (as in, under 10, out of tons of reported ones), leaving the rest unaddressed. Those bugs are largely still present in Cubase.

Yes, as far as professional software standards go, Cubase is riddled with bugs. And it’s offensive that you try to dismiss that reality with a cynical “But hey, complain away”, when you know full well that the only thing that was complained about was what’s true about Cubase, and what impacts paying customers in a frustrating and negative manner. That response, which ignored the specific bugs I mentioned to make a dismissive comment pretending as if issues don’t exist just underscores that Steingberg is doing a half-assed job - but that’s no secret, people have been aware of that for a long time, and Steinberg has ignored the continuous criticism for the high level of bugs in Cubase.

When Steinberg doesn’t do due testing, because they want to hit their annual new product target each year, then Steinberg doesn’t truly deserve the money they make from sales, because they didn’t put the proper effort in to make a solid product, and just shoveled each year’s iteration out the door regardless of whether it was ready or not. The bugs in Cubase make it sort of like Swiss-cheese: Filled with holes - and it shows all the more in larger projects.

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I couldn’t agree more, Steve. This is arguably the most dreaded forum out of all of the forums I visit, unbelievable really. Why users don’t put a trial version to the test (before purchasing) is just plain negligence, especially if their system barely meets the minimum specs…on a machine nine years old yet. And whenever I post that my Mac is solid with C9, I get shot down. Bet hey, C9 is so riddled with bugs, so how can my system possibly run smooth? :smiley:

Well, it’s normal that Internet forums would be the go-to place for complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe just immediately close all topics that complain but don’t log issues in the appropiate subforum. Also just kill,the Studio one fanbois topics. Both are off topic

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