Cubase 9 upgrade from LE 7 crashes on launch

I installed Cubase AI LE 7 on my MacBook Pro 2 years ago when I bought my UR44, and only used it a short time (I moved production onto an iMac).

I now want to gig using the MacBook Pro running Cubase for backing tracks and fx. I upgraded the sw from AI LE 7 to Cubase 9, updated the Yamaha-Steinberg driver (64-bit) & updated the UR44 firmware. The MacOS is 10.11 (El Capitan).

When I go to launch Cubase 9, it get pretty far into the launch sequence and then crashes. It gets to the “Open Project” screen, and I can see the list of openable projects for a split second, then poof.

What could the problem be? I expect it’s reading in a file, so I need to know all the folders where files would be read from. Do I need to upgrade the OS to 10.12 (Sierra)?

Take a look at and follow the troubleshooting procedures in this KB article. Especially the “Initializing Preferences” paragraph and “Hiding the Public VST Plug-In Folder” paragraph.

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I tired this: I tried launching Cubase 9 without the audio interface connected, and it launched normally. I then plugg in the interface, and tried to use the Device Panel to select it as the ASIO Device. The program crashed when I said “switch drivers”. That got me thinking it’s not a file problem, but a Yamaha-Steinberg Driver problem.

I ended up Uninstalling the YS USB Driver, then installing the latest version.

That solved the problem. It was crashing on launch right at the point where the app tries to hook up to the ASIO driver. They say “installing a DAW is harder than using it” – true observation.