Cubase 9 upgrade to Halion 6

Hi I have Cubase 9. If I want to upgrade to Halion 6 do I buy the ‘Upgrade from Halion 5’ ? which is £85. Thanks in anticipation


No, HALion 5 is not part of Cubase license. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade our crossgrades for Cubase users.

The version included with Cubase is Halion Sonic SE, which is included as a bonus and can’t be upgraded. The sounds are almost completely different from the ones in the full version.

HI I do have Halion 5 so could it have been part of something I have called Absolute VST1 collection 2, in which case can I upgrade to Halion 6 from this for £85

Check that is what you have before you buy the upgrade!

Halion 5 is indeed part of the Absolute Collection. Your eLicenser will tell you what your current license is. If you have Absolute Collection 2 then the upgrade to Absolute Collection (which includes Halion 6) is indeed £85.

You have to upgrade to Absolute 3, you can’t upgrade Halion alone.

It’s the same price.