Cubase 9 & WL 9 not playing nicely

OK let me first explain my workflow:
Recording & mixing out 32 channels from Cubase through my DM-3200 mixer back into same PC where WL records the stereo mix. Both WL and Cubase use the same firewire 32 in/out channels interface at the same time.

With Cubase 7.5 (previous version I used) I could set up the mix and run it through while the WL recording dialog showed me what goes on at its inputs (specifically peak levels) just with the monitor checkmark checked. And - without focus on this dialog.

Now with Cubase Pro 9 (and I realize the issue could come from Cubase) I can only have the WL recording dialog showing me active meters with the Windows focus on this window. So as soon as I adjust something in C9, focus is away from the WL recording dialog and meters stop metering…

Could there be any Wavelab setting that I missed and now need with Cubase Pro 9?


Does it help to have 2 screens/monitors
or that doesn’t matter if you switch from Cubase to WaveLab and vice versa !?
If it has worked before it should do this again I think …

regards S-EH

Thanks for the suggestion. Fact is, I’m already on two monitors, where in the above phase I have Cubase over two screens with the WL recording dialog on top (both in previous and current situations)…