Cubase 9 won't boot

I downloaded the cubase 9 trial and it worked. After the trial ended the cubase 9 ICON BECAME HALF WHITE and HALF GRAY.

I just purchased the full cubase 9 pro update from 8.5 and no matter what I do it just crashes on startup. Also I have a valid and working license on my eLicenser but the ICON IS STILL HALF WHITE and HALF GRAY. It just won’t load.

Steinberg support is saying that it might me a long time before I get any attention. anyone know how to fix this or why it’s happening?

Mac pro (late 2013)
Seirra 10.12.6
Cubase 9.0.30
Steinberg MR816 csx
12 gig ram



The icon is correct like this, this is new icon since Cubase 9.

Regarding to “won’t boot”, make sure your plugins are up to date, make sure you are not using 32-but plugins and make sure your Audio Device driver is up to date.