Cubase 9 wont read XML / midi device

Hi, I’m just facing a problem here. I’m trying to set up my Matrix 1000 (external synth).

Now I had this all set up on my mac by creating a new midi device and importing the settings from an xml. This worked all fine.

On my PC though I tried the same and cubase will let me import the settings. But it wont give me the option the import them to a device i created earlier. I can only choose from the dialog “Midi Decive” (which creates a new one) . When I choose this device cubase wont let me choose an output for it (the option is just greyed out).

Does anyone have an Idea how this could work? The XML file must be ok since I used the same one on my mac.

Thanks in advance!

thank you! i thought i did something wrong. didnt think other ppl would have this problem, too!