Cubase 9 - working setups?

I remember back in the day when shopping for a new Interface or DAW Computer, I would come to this forum to see the latest ‘confirmed’ working and recommended setups.

Do you guys still do that?
Wanna get the ball rolling? Who out there has a confirmed working setup for that they would recommend for Cubase 9? Both Mac and PC.

Please list:

  1. Computer Type/RAM
  2. OS
  3. Audio Interface
  4. Monitor setup
  5. MIDI Hardware Interface
  6. Typical Buffer Settings for Recording/Mixing


1 & 2 stands on Steinberg web pages.
3-6 It’s very individual. The basic also stands on the Steinberg web pages (I.e. ASIO driver for Audio Device on Windows). The rest depends on your taste, needs and budget. There is a very long list of products in different ranges. You cannot pick only one.

Can you point me to where this is located?

I think if people can share their working setups (including items 1-6)…it would be VERY helpful for all.

No one?

I would share mine… but it is currently lacking in a couple areas and not flawless functionality. When I was on Cubase SX 3, I bought the motherboard, interface and OS recommended by the forum and it worked great! Didn’t have to worry about it.


Yeh thats not at all what I’m looking for. I know Mac and PC are supported and which versions already, but its the combination of hardware and software with other things listed that I need.
I want to goto newegg or apple store and buy an exact computer i know is 100% ready to go with my particular interfaces (plus monitor and whatever other auxiliaries).

Seems there is a subforum I didn’t see before ‘Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup’ …I will post over there.