Cubase 9?


If I buy Cubase 8.5 now, what could I expect the upgrade price to Cubase 9 will be?

And when do you think Cubase 9 will be released?
(looking at previous release intervals)


Would it makes sense to buy Cubase 8.5 now, or is 9 just around the corner?

Cubase 8.5 just came out in December so 9 won’t be for a while. Probably December I would guess, as that’s the month that they usually release new versions.

Cubase 8.5 is fantastic. Just buy it and you won’t regret it. Also, the update once you have Cubase, usually the .5 update is about £40 - £50 and the whole numbered update is around £100. Not a lot providing the version delivers features that you actually want or need.


My guess is Cubase 10 and it will only run on Win10 or at least not on win7 any more. BTW I am on win7 and wan’t to stay there…But if history is repeating it will be December.

Well my upgrade price to 8.5 from 8 was £35. I’m guessing that if you don’t have C8.5 it will be more expensive when you upgrade to C9.

Quite honestly given the state of things I would be wary of upgrading to 9 too quickly. The desire for shiny new things has a habit of getting us into trouble. It is the things under the bonnet we should be more concerned about. For instance will the graphics handling - cpu/core handling- VCA - automation issues be properly sorted out.

So my advice would be to buy 8.5, get your head around it and carry on making music. You never know Steinberg “might” get C9 right. Whatever the case you won’t see it before December.

That’s the sweet music I like, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah I’m just using Elements 8 tryout for the moment, and even that is very good.

Yes, tomorrow I buy Cubase 8.5, and then I probably won’t upgrade until I’m sure the new version is solid, tested (adjusted) for some time, and worth the upgrade price for me. Thanks

Yeah. It’s great. I hated Cubase 7. I bought it and it was so buggy. However, Cubase 7.5 was brilliant, Cubase 8 was good but lots of CPU spiking for me (none for others) and now with 8.5 I couldn’t be happier - with the exception of a few feature requests. To be honest, no DAW does everything so I am now more than happy to buy other DAWs for specific purposes.

Steinberg always release a new version with a few new features that seem to suck most of us in but now everything is stable I’m not upgrading unless Cubase 9 actually works properly with VEPro 5. ASIO Guard can’t be used with it so for me that is the major factor here.

Of course, no doubt, I’ll see you all in the Cubase 9 forums because I willprobably get drunk and just click “Buy” as usual. haha!


If you upgrade from 8.0 to 8.5 the price depending where you live is let’s say 50.- potatoes
If you upgrade from 8.5 to 9.0 it will be 50.- potatoes less than upgrading from 8.0 to 9.0
So whatever you like 8.5 or not, you will not have paid more, when later upgrading to 9.0
That makes the .5 upgrades virtually free if you plan to upgrade in the future.

i did the same and i endedup buying elements 8. does great for me though im still getting to know it better!

Great! Where do I send the potatoes to please? :wink:

You send them straight to Steinberg so they can make loop-mash.

Sorry :blush:


Don´t you just hate it when that happens?

Im a sucker for an upgrade but I do feel it’s all getting a bit messy! What I would like to see is more utility stuff-like a purpose built mastering vst :slight_smile:

That’s what the MasterRig in Wavelab 9 is for.

It’s time to include mid side eq, dynamic eq, a more in depth meter than the one included. I’d love changeable channel inserts. Maybe being able to create our own rack inserts.

I’m curious if any of the stuff we voted for in the poll will make it to 9.0
Cubase is undergoing a major rewrite, and I’m kind of amazed that there hasn’t been more issues with the amount of new stuff that has been added. Just the GUI alone needs a lot of optimizing IMHO.
Don’t forget the new video engine that is coming (soon?)

you can switch off asio guard only for VE Pro in the plugin Manager. That the Asio Guard can not be used with VE Pro, is more based on the way VE Pro was build and integrated as Plugin into Cubase. You run to different instances. on the track to send and use a additional instrument to listen to the audio which returns. How should Cubase be able to detect that this two instances are acting as one thing? Also there are many other plugins or instrument, which are not running fine with the Asio Guard, but this is no problem because you can deactivate it for specific plugins. By the way, i tested VE Pro in a trial i requested from vienna and didn’t like it anyway. Unfortunatly there is no real alternativ which were made the last years. Only very old alternativs and most of them aren’t working. I think Asio Guard use a kind of functionallity, which doing the processing by enabel the cpu to process the signal, before the time it is actually in line of calculation. also an additional buffer is given. if VE Pro would be able to handle this, it would be neccessary to add the 100 milliseconds of high Asio Guard buffer to the Buffer of VE Pro, which is normally set toi 2 Buffers. This would be very much if this additional buffer would also be added. I am really no expert, but i guess, it just makes also no sence to make asio guard compatible with VE Pro, because Asio Guard was made to handle of virtual Cores by Hyper Threading better. To source perfomance out to other PCs is a totally different thing, than using the internal cpu power and is obviously a hard thing to do. Otherwise there would be more alternatives. Or Vienna rules the market in some way :wink:.

A short comment on Cubase 9. I guess it will be available before Dezember. Wouldn’t it be smart of Steinberg to give people the chance to plan Cubase as a Christmas Gift