Cubase 9 ???

I know…
Its outs when its out.

Just wondering when you guys expected the email?

December like all years

What´s wrong with Cubase 8.5 ?

free tip: it´s better to make music than to wait for any software releases.



Please God. No more features in Cubase 9. Stability and a work-flow/UI as efficient like Studio One would make me a very happy camper.

For the love of god no. Please don’t make it anything like Studio One. :imp:

I hope they skip 9 and go to 10. Or 11.

Theres nothing wrong in 8.5 that 9 wont add to or fix.

I just wanted to know when 9 was due. Thats all. No hidden meanings or free tips… :wink:

What’s the point in wanting to know when ‘9’ is introduced when you’re not interested what it might have to offer? But yes, it usually happens around December every year or so?

It’s actually been 1 1/2 years since Cubase 8 (DEC. 2014) so I would think later this year…

So yes? Probably around December…? It’s usually like tick/tock in Intel land? Or maybe not? We’ll see?

What’s the big expectations on a version number anyway?
Is anyone expecting a major turnaround? (I surely hope not?!)

The only thing you can be sure of is you have to pay more money to get it?

This is a fair question.

I’m all for increased stability and optimal performance vs. new features in C9.
But Steinberg is an industry innovator, so the next major version always brings excitement.

Looking forward to it, whatever it brings.

Cubase 8.5 is a great DAW right now so I hope that the next update doesn’t change that. +1 to those asking for mainly a tidy up of existing issues. With respect to the GUI; I hope that Steinberg stays conservative and avoids the urge to have something that looks awesome, but doesn’t work as well, for the sake of marketing.

As an example, I moved from Sonar Platinum earlier in the year and had an occasion to open it up the other day; I was knocked out how cool it looked. Then I remembered how clunky the workflow is compared to Cubase (IMHO). Apparently Studio One 3 and Logic have good interfaces so there may be some lessons to be learned there. However, the more features a program has, the more difficult it is to have everything available in one or two mouse clicks!

The bottom line is this; Cubase 8.5 isn’t flashy but it works great!

Agree - it’s little things which make a difference. For instance in Studio One if you have a VST open and change tracks, the relevant VST opens for that track. Its click saving, time saving behind the scenes workflows like this (which you can also disable if you want) which make me happy. Cubase forces the user to do everything themselves and doesn’t help you. Its logical but inefficient.